Belly of the whale photography
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First and foremost, I am an artist. I walked away from writing and illustrating to pursue a passion that is much more dear to my heart; photography. 

 My mission as a photographer is to help you preserve all of the moments most precious to you. i do not “just” capture these moments, rather, i commit myself to the highest standards in bringing forth the most beautiful version of yourself you have ever seen.


  Policies & Procedures

~Photo Shoot and Image Editing Process~

Our procedures for a photo shoot are focused on the desires of the client; collaboration in vision (within standard). Inasmuch we retain all creative control to ensure the execution of the most optimal natural environment, clothing, props, posing/lighting, and processing of images selected (of our professional choice). This is extremely imperative when adding the elements of live animals and composites; as live animals are naturally unpredictable and composites are carefully chosen to blend with the most appealing, tangible imagery. These images in particular take several precessional techniques to attain flawless, realistic qualities and are immensely time consuming; upwards of several hours of editing.

We ensure holistic address during the image editing process; physique slimming, skin blemishes/wrinkles, dried saliva/nasal dripping, facial hair, whisps, teeth & eye whiting, bruises/scratches, stains & dirt on clothing, clothing adjustments, environmental enhancements (skies, color grading, adding & removal of foliage, etc.) and more. We provide additional crops and color gradings of various images purchased (at no cost), a “lifetime” image print release, and image files delivered on a thumb drive; exclusive compliments for Belly of the Whale clients. We offer watermarked, unedited images (of our professional choice) for the purpose of additional purchase only; The cost of each additional image may vary in pricing and is dependent upon the services required to achieve optimal results that meet belly of the whale photography’s quality standards; belly of the whale photography retains the right to not offer this service. We complete the final editing of all images purchased (no alterations are to be completed outside of our services). We retain all rights to the images, as property of Belly of the Whale Photography for the purpose of promotional use (with parental release required for minors). 

Belly of the whale photography reserves the right to sever any and all ties to a project/client for violation of any of our procedures including but not limited to: harassment, rudeness, slander, altering our work, and obsessive micromanaging/contact. In the event that a project is cancelled at any stage of the creative process, a refund will be issued to the client(s) based upon the services already rendered. Any refunds issued will exclude the 50% non-refundable deposit required to secure the initial booking.